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Press Release "Big Noise Music"

Jo Cuseo releases his second EP, "A Cool Wind". The title track is a feel good instrumental with a Les Paul vibe. The remaining tracks include three outstanding pop/jazz vocal tracks and "For Spot" another fine instrumental as well.

Jo is a veteran of the L.A. music scene, having written and worked with renown musicians Tom Deluca, Jan Buckingham, Mike Landau and music industry heavyweight, Bob Summers. Jo performs solo and with his band on a regular basis in Southern California, having opened for berlin at the Canyon Club as well as other well know SoCal establishments such as House of Blues and Hard Rock Café. Jo's writing partners are well established in the music business themselves. Huey Dee has hosted many a legend in his studio in LA, Studio Dee.

Jo's other writing partner, Bob Summers, is the brother of Mary Ford and brother-in-law of Les Paul.

The artists Bob has worked with are a "whose who" of legends in the music industry. Mike Curb, Glen Campbell, Sammy Davis Jr., Don Costa, Bobby Caldwell, Jim Gordon, The Osmond's, etc... the list goes on. bob also worked with members of "The Wrecking Crew", the infamous group of studio players in LA. Bob continues to produce jazz and pop recordings today. 

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